Caribbean Poker

Game Overview

It鈥檚 you vs. the dealer in Caribbean Poker. Play for free at home or on your phone and tablet! (Android 4.1+ and iOS)

NOTE: This game requires an up-to-date Internet browser. It will not work on computers using Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9.

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How to Play

Ante up and play against the dealer for the best hand.

In Caribbean Poker, the dealer and the player get 5 cards. 4 of the dealer鈥檚 cards are face down, with the remaining card left face up.

If you think your hand is weaker than the dealer鈥檚, click the FOLD button and forfeit your ante. If you believe you have a strong poker hand, click the BET button and you will bet double your ante.

After a bet the dealer will reveal all face-down cards. In order for the dealer鈥檚 hand to 鈥渜ualify,鈥 the hand must have a King and an Ace, or any winning poker hand (a pair or above).

-If the dealer does not qualify, you win your bet back plus double your ante. -If the dealer qualifies and your hand is stronger, you win double your ante plus the winnings on your bet. Winnings are calculated from the winnings table in the Paytable section. -If the dealer has a stronger hand than you, you will lose your ante and your bet. -If you and the dealer have hands of equal strength, the ante and bet are returned.

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