Sugar Pop Slots

Game Overview

Victory鈥檚 never tasted so sweet! This slots game offers hundreds of ways to win with match-3 paylines. Rack up Tokens on your phone or tablet, too. (Android 4.1+ and iOS)

NOTE: BET and WIN amounts are displayed as Credits, but Tokens are still wagered. To adjust the amount of Tokens each Credit is worth, select the green menu button on the left to access the betting screen. This screen will also display the total bet amount in Credits as well as Tokens.

1. Set 10 under Credit Denomination
2. Set 250 Bet Per Line x 1 payline = 250 Credits bet
3. Result is 2,500 Tokens bet (10 Tokens/Credit x 250 Credits)

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This game requires an up-to-date Internet browser. It will not work on computers using Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9.

How to Play

Choose your bet and spin!

The winning patterns in Sugar Pop Slots are unique. Any time 3 or more of the same-color candy are adjacent, it is considered a win. All wins add to your Level and Game scores.

Levels: To level up, earn points and fill the meter on the right side of the game. Progress is saved between games, and the top level available is 30. New worlds and backgrounds unlock as you level up, too.

Bonus Patterns are noted on the left side of the game. After you鈥檝e made a match, any Bonus Pattern squares darken. When the darkened squares on the reels match the Bonus Pattern, you鈥檒l get points towards the next level.

New Levels unlock Special Candies that can help you score more Tokens and points.

Special Candies: The Super Color and Color Bomb are Special Candies available for everyone. Additional Special Candies, like Lollipops and Caramel Chews, appear randomly on the board after they鈥檝e been unlocked.

Click VIEW PAYTABLE while in game to find Special Candy details.

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